//Travel Safely in Your Mercedes-Benz CLS 550 this Holiday Season

Travel Safely in Your Mercedes-Benz CLS 550 this Holiday Season

Traveling over the holidays is unnerving. Tens of millions of Americans hit the road to get to loved ones and holiday destinations, and this comes with a level of chaos-and risk.

The six most hazardous holidays for road travel are 4th of July, Thanksgiving, New Year’s Day, Christmas, Labor Day and Memorial Day. However, it is not always feasible to avoid travel altogether during these days. c

Travel on The Holiday Itself

Whenever possible, travel on the holiday itself instead of the days around the holidays. Most people travel around the holidays, meaning the roads are crowded with cars. This makes for heavy traffic, frustrated drivers and higher possibilities of collisions. By traveling on the holiday, you can enjoy clearer roads and a much better travel experience.

Do Your Shopping Early

Ensure to have your holiday shopping done as early as possible. You might be wondering how this affects your road trip. Long queues at the stores do nothing for your overall mood. You are bound to get frustrated and weary; all bad recipes for driving on the busy roads.

Pack For Various Eventualities

While you hope to travel and arrive safely, traveling has a level of unpredictability. Stories of people stuck in snow storms, although rare should serve as cautionary tales. Ensure to pack warm clothes and blankets, water, food, and snacks. Always carry a snow shovel for long trips as well.

In addition, verify that your gas tank is full and refill periodically along the way. With a trunk volume of (cu.ft): 15.3 on your Mercedes-Benz CLS 550, heavy packing should be a breeze.

See Your Mechanic Close To The Travel Day

The last you want on a road trip is car trouble. Car maintenance and service can prevent this. Have your oil and tire pressure checked. Again, make sure your brake lights, fog lights, and headlights are fully functional.

Further, double check that your emergency kit is in the trunk and in good condition. At the minimum, this should include a spare tire, a carjack and jumper cables. Check if your car rescue company is operational in the towns along your routes and get their contact information as well.

Take Short Breaks Along the Way

While the Mercedes-Benz CLS 550 has plenty of legroom that allows you and your passengers to stretch during the journey, breaks are still necessary.
During these breaks, park safely and step outside the car to stretch out and get a breath of fresh air.

However, be careful about where you park. Opt for well- lit gas stations, outside malls or town centers. If you decide to go into a restaurant for a snack or a drink, ensure your car is locked and that windows are rolled up. Keep an eye on where everyone is and try and use the strength of numbers to ensure your safety. If this means going to the restroom as a group, do so and consider it a small price to pay to ensure everyone’s safety.

Carry extra Phone Batteries or a Power Bank

Communication is important, not just for when you’re stuck but also for communicating with your loved and or hotels you will be staying at. A dead battery can put a damper on your holiday-and put you in an unsafe situation. Therefore, pack a phone with an extra charged battery or have your power bank fully charged and ready for any eventuality.

Leave Early

Leaving early will allow you to drive at a comfortable pace. It also reduces your chances of getting extremely heated up and frustrated by traffic snarl-ups and other delays along the way. You will also get an allowance to make stopovers to stretch and breath. A relaxed mind goes a long way in safe driving.

Have a Co-Driver

This is especially important for longer road trips. Having two people that can drive alternatively allows each driver to take periodical breaks. When traveling with kids, this arrangement becomes even more useful.

Trying to wrangle and settle down kids in the back seat while you drive is distracting and exhausting. This can affect your concentration on the road and make you more susceptible to making poor judgments.

Another good idea would be to carry some entertainment (music and games) for the kids to sing along to as you focus on the road. Your Mercedes 550 comes fully loaded with AM/FM stereo, CD and MP3 player which comes in handy for this.

Expect Chaos

There is something about the festive season that makes people way too lax on things they would otherwise take seriously. This includes forgetting to belt up, jumping lights, cutting people off and just general reckless driving.

For this reason, assume you are the only competent driver on the road and drive as such. Be extremely cautious whether you have the right of way or not. Your safety is key.


Internalize these tips, pace yourself and whenever you get worked up, remember your goal is to get to your destination safe and sound, and that is worth everything. Most of all, you deserve this break. So remember to have your wits about you and to enjoy every bit of it-chaos and all.

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