//What do the Mercedes-Benz Model Names Mean?

What do the Mercedes-Benz Model Names Mean?

For those who are interested in quality automobiles, it’s no secret that Mercedes-Benz is one of the leading manufacturers in the industry. This amount of significance is not lost at any point in the construction process—Mercedes-Benz is making cars for those who want to spend the money for a truly luxurious product, and this quality is maintained throughout every aspect of the production process.

Each type of Mercedes-Benz belongs to what is referred to as a “class”, meaning the group of cars that share similar features but are ultimately different models. Because there are so many different classes to choose from when looking for a car, it can feel overwhelming to not know where to start. In fact, sometimes it’s even difficult to tell what exactly differentiates a Mercedes-Benz class and what that means to you as the consumer.

To make this process easier, we’ve gone through the list of different car classes that are available and created a list of 3 of the different Mercedes-Benz classes currently offered. In this guide, we’ll be taking a closer look at these different classes to let you know exactly what the names mean so when you’re in the market for your next car, you’ll know exactly which Mercedes-Benz Class to be on the lookout for.


Sedans are good moderately-sized cars for people who want to bring about four people along with you on a ride. Mercedes-Benz offers a notable C-class sedan that was debuted in 2015, being offered in a number of varieties. One of the distinguishing factors of the C-class Sedan is its size and engine, the latter of which are typically powered by high-quality V6 engines. There are also different types of E-class and S-class sedans available, the names of which refer to the increased sizes, with E-class being larger than the C-class but S-class being larger than both previous categories.

Some of the most recognizable models of Mercedes-Benz sedans include:


SUVs are particularly known for their accessibility. They are typically elevated significantly off the ground, making it not only fitting for moving and loading large amounts of things, but also good for those who prefer to not be seemingly tied to the ground while riding in a car. SUVs also have the added benefit of being made for off-road driving, accommodating for flexible wheels to tackle different terrain. They also boast an impressive amount of room, meaning you can bring the whole family along! The different types of Mercedes-Benz SUVs you’ll find range from GLK, M-class, and the GL-class, each type name typically referring to the size of the car’s frame (written in order from smallest to largest).

Some SUVs you’ll find on the market are:


Convertibles and Roadsters

A sharp contrast to the elevated comfort of an SUV, Convertibles and Roadsters typically focus on keeping you close to the ground, often offering some way for the top part of your car to remain exposed so you can feel the wind in your hair while driving. It should be noted, though, that these are cars not meant for many people—most Convertibles and Roadsters only seat two people, so you should keep that in mind when considering these cars.

However, within the Convertibles and Roadsters class there are a few different options. The SLK/SLC Roadster is an ideal sports car, giving you a really powerful engine that goes quite well with the sleek look of the car itself. This allows you to have a comfortable cruise while driving on the highway, a wonderful feeling that can even be accentuated by having the top down while driving.

The most well-known models of these cars is:

The SL Roadster is similar to the SLK/SLC models, but has the added benefit of space: those who look into this car will be relieved that it has a good amount of room for two adults to fit themselves and their luggage in, something not easily accomplished with a sports car.

Some of the available models are:

The convertibles are more self-explanatory, offering a very elegant look that allows you to easily adjust the roof’s presence in your car, but we only recommend looking into this type of car if you don’t need much space at all. That being said, the engines are the biggest highlights of these models, allowing you to have a really smooth ride no matter where you are. In this class you can choose either the C-class or the E-class, with the latter being slightly larger and more family-friendly.

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