//Mercedes Benz C-Class: Luxury in a Small Package

Mercedes Benz C-Class: Luxury in a Small Package

The Mercedes Benz C-Class is the base model trim of the Mercedes cars. While it is only the base trim, it has a number of features that make it one of the most luxurious cars on the market. What makes the C-Class a top luxury vehicle is a combination of its design, innovative technology, performance, and its safety features. With all of these aspects, the Mercedes Benz C class is one vehicle that consumers will want to consider getting when in the market for a new luxury car.


One of the things that makes the C class a leading luxury vehicle is its unique and innovative design. The C class combines a number of technological advances with a very stylish interior and exterior. With new lower body styling, wheel choices and LED lighting, the C class provides drivers and passenger with one of the most attractive and appealing automobile designs in the auto industry. The interior cabin provides lots of comfort and enjoyment for consumers while the exterior has a sporty elegance that gets the car noticed.

The C class has a touchscreen that enables consumers to access a number of media and navigation options on a regular basis. It also offers a steering wheel that is easy to grip and agile which makes moving the vehicle very easy. The steering wheel also has a number of touchpads that allow drivers to control many parts of the vehicle with just a simple push of a button. Drivers can take advantage of two smartphone like pads that enable them to scroll, swipe and select a number of settings on the steering wheel. They can also access shift paddles and cruise control.

Enhanced Vision

With a C class, consumers will be able to take advantage of enhanced vision with the Led headlamps. These offer a brighter more natural source of lighting during the nighttime hours. The LED lights also provide a very appealing design that makes the car look very nice. There is also a LED intelligent light system that has a unique appearance and provides clear vision of curves and vehicles that are on the road.

The C class wheels come in a standard size of 17 inches. They are also made up of alloy which is a very durable material. The C class also has options of 18 inch and 19 inch wheels as well. These all come in four AMG designs which provide consumers with a very durable set of wheels.


Another one of the most notable aspects of the C class is the performance. The C class has some of the top performance features in the class of luxury sedans and coupes. A C class has both an appearance of being quite powerful and also having a number of features that make it quite powerful. Some of the performance features in include a high amount of horsepower, a nine speed transmission and all wheel drive. With all of these features, the C class combines a combination of strength and agility that makes it a very enjoyable car to drive.

There is a twin scroll turbo direct injection engine with the C class. The car offers 255 horsepower and 273 pounds feet of torque at just 1800 rpm. Not only is the engine powerful, it is also quite fuel efficient as well.

The transmission of the car is 9 speeds. This car offers a 9G-TRONIC transmission that compliments the turbo engine. There are also shift paddles which can allow drivers to shift gears when driving the car. These paddle shifters can help adjust the 9 speeds as well as provide easy cruising on the freeway.

Another aspect of the performance of the C class is its suspension. The suspension was made to combine both refinement and agility for the vehicle. With this suspension design, the C class will be able to stay smooth and rough roads on a consistent basis.


When it comes to the C class, innovation is yet another aspect that distinguishes it from other vehicles in the class. This car will now be in its new generation of innovative features. It will now have a more advanced set of features that provide drivers with lots of assistance when operating the car. Some of the features include using updated technology and also changing the LED lighting to many different colors.

With the C class there is standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. These features allow drivers to more easily use their smartphone while in the car. The car also includes a number of navigation options as well as COMAND voice control. This will allow drivers to control many of the features of the cabin. All of these new features will be able to be stored on a SD card.

The Mercedes Benz C class is among the top choices of luxury sedans. What has made the C class a very high quality vehicle is its distinct features. With its combination of high performance, innovative technology and unique design, the C class offers consumers a vehicle that will provide them with a very enjoyable experience.

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