//Can You Use Apple Carplay in Your 2018 CLA 250?

Can You Use Apple Carplay in Your 2018 CLA 250?

The average driver of a Mercedes-Benz vehicle is highly motivated, highly accomplished and highly connected. Staying connected has never been easier, but staying connected while driving is not a good idea. Until vehicles have safe and reliable auto-driving or autonomous control, staying connected while driving means getting distracted behind the wheel; not ideal unless you want to end up in a ditch, or worse.

So, you need to connectivity but you can’t access your phone while driving? How can you stay connected at all times? Easy! You can utilize the two main phone operating systems: Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Of course, since you own a Mercedes-Benz CLA250, you have access to these systems.

Functionality of Apple CarPlay

First, both Auto and CarPlay are software apps which connect directly to your Mercedes-Benz to offer complete integration between your vehicles infotainment system and your smartphone’s operating system. In other words, these two app systems fully integrate and enmesh themselves into the vehicles internal computer system

Android Auto has been around since March of 2015. Apple CarPlay was the first car integration app and it released in March of 2014. A year later, in March of 2014, Android released their proprietary Android Auto system.

Both systems offer the same incredible benefits for the connected driver. Once connected to the Mercedes-Benz integrated COMAND system, the infotainment system takes on the visual and functionality of your phone operating system.

Of course, to prevent the potential to end up distracted, the whole system is voice activated. Rather than using your fingers or looking over to your high-definition Mercedes-Benz touch-screen, when you connect and integrate your smartphone into the Mercedes-Benz COMAND system, everything is intuitively voice activated. Whatever connected activity you require is always available by pushing the corresponding button your multi-function steering wheel. You can access the full breadth of your phone’s capabilities, from streaming music, listening to a podcast, making a phone call or even generating a text message, simply by asking for the function to activate with voice commands.

Apple CarPlay in your 2018 Mercedes-Benz

The full scope of your abilities to utilize your phone go far beyond simply writing a text message with your voice, though. Did a friend send you a text message or app based message you simply cannot wait to read? Reading would be a distraction behind the wheel, of course, and therefore dangerous; choose to have your app read it out to you, instead.

Why limit yourself to text? If you are clever with how you position your phone, you can actually set up Skype in your car so you can video chat with whomever you are communicating with. You would be foolish to look at them while driving, of course, since distracted driving is dangerous, but they can certainly look at you!

You can quickly and easily access your streaming services and apps, too. If you know what you want to listen to, you can voice activate your iTunes or similar music app and command the start of a song or a playlist. If you want the playlist shuffled or randomized, simply ask for it. Switch from your owned music to another service like Pandora or Spotify if you want some curated variety to give a little more life to your daily commute!

The features do not end there. Many service apps like Yelp! or Waze are also available. Are you in the mood for Cantonese food? Use COMAND to open Yelp! and request information on the best Cantonese restaurants nearby. The Yelp! app will offer a few suggestions. Make an informed decision, then plug the information into your Waze app to have real-time, crowd-sourced traffic information to find the fastest route to the restaurant you have chosen. If you have open table, you can set the reservation, first!

All of these amazing features are available immediately to you, because you own the Mercedes-Benz CLA250, a fantastic luxury vehicle which offers this smartphone integration as a standard feature for all vehicles. Setup is simple and easy; simply plug into the specified USB jack to get started.

It’s Never Been Easy

Getting the most of your Mercedes-Benz has never been easier. Your Mercedes-Benz CLA250 offers the latest and greatest performance and luxury features, including smartphone integration which will not deprive you of your connectivity while driving.

If you have further questions, feel free to contact your local Mercedes-Benz dealership. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is available to answer any questions you may have whenever you wish to get in touch with us. Feel free to utilize your voice activated phone to call or send us a message with feedback if you choose. We look forward to hearing from you!

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