//Best Places in Arizona to Drive My AMG C 43 Coupe

Best Places in Arizona to Drive My AMG C 43 Coupe

For AMG lovers, the AMG c 43 Coupe is a joy on wheels that does not feature the bank-breaking price tags that its cousins have. Nonetheless, this does not mean that you will not get to enjoy the raw, unhinged experience that the series is popular for. The C43’s robust engine, rear-biased all-wheel-drive system, and perfect transmission come together to brew the ultimate storm of acceleration that will get you hooked instantly.

Upon pressing the C43’s throttle pedal to the mat, hold on tight because the coupe will take off faster than a gray hound that has just spotted a squirrel. Its all-wheel-drive system offers you seamless acceleration that features no wheel spin.

While cruising, the C43 allows you to navigate curvy two-lanes effortlessly, thanks to its dynamic steering. This beast’s suspension can be adjusted between Sport, Sport+, and Comfort settings to give you a rewarding driving experience.

Fair enough, but you need the appropriate roads to test out these features, right? Don’t worry; we got you. The following are the best roads in Arizona to drive your C43 Coupe.

1. The Apache Trail

For those that enjoy unpaved roads, this 45-mile, periodically one lane trail features blinding mountain turns that have no guardrails. Also known as the AZ-88, it stretches from the Apache Junction to Roosevelt, and it does not take a lot for you to get a thrilling ride from it. The Apache Trail rests on the sides of the mountain and alternates between one and two lanes that can either have or lack guardrails. However, as there is beautiful scenery to be observed, be easy on the C43’s throttle as there are bound to be sightseers around every bend. Nonetheless, in open stretches, mat the pedal and see how your coupe performs.

2. The Catalina Highway

This 24-mile road enters the Santa Catalina Mountains about 25 miles north of Tucson. Here, you will find yourself face-to-face with Mount Lemmon, daring you to make the ascent. Do not fretl; the C43 will be happy to oblige. Named after Sarah Plummer Lemmon, a botanist who made the first ascent in 1881 both by horse and foot, your German engineering should allow you more fun than she had. The Catalina Highway only uses 24 miles of road to climb over 9,000ft, with an almost 7,000ft elevation range.

As such, the ascent is dotted with numerous curves, vistas, and three significant switchbacks. And because it is paved, upon reaching the top, you will just let go off the throttle and let gravity take care of your descent. About halfway down, you should see the Windy Point Vista right at the apex of the largest switchback. Pull over, hop out, and soak in the breathtaking scenery. Take some photos of you and your baby while you’re at it.

3. The Devil’s Highway

At about 200 miles east of Phoenix, lies a small town, known as Clifton. The journey there will not do much for you or the C43, but brace yourself. Upon reaching Clifton, there’s a 93-mile stretch of road that heads out from Clifton to Alpine. On this highway, you will be testing more than the C43’s handling, you will get to know whether the seat bolsters work as well. ‘The Devil’s Highway’ is actually known as Highway 666, which explains why it could be referred using the former name.

Nonetheless, the road fully lives up to its moniker due to the danger and risk it poses. It has been referred to as the ‘curviest road in the U.S,’ and satellite images prove that to be true. The road alternates between alpine views and desert terrain. Not only is it twisty, but also it offers a steep ascent. You will begin at a 3,500ft elevation and climb to over 7,000ft, without a single straight stretch. Even though there will be beautiful scenery all around you, best believe that you will not pay attention to it, as your eyes will be locked on the treacherous curves ahead of you. It will be one of the most involving drives that both you and your C43 will ever have, but it will be worth it. The highway is now formally known as the Coronado Trail or Route 191.

4. Highway 89

Up from treacherous roads that bump up your adrenaline, finally, this is a route that will allow you to enjoy the comfort and luxury of the C43. Take the C43 from Wickenburg to Flagstaff while spending some time in Sedona and Skull Valley. Wickenburg is a hub for Southwestern culture that you should enjoy. Once you’re done taking in Wickenburg’s sceneries, cruise through the gorgeous desert and head over to Skull Valley. Talk to one or a few of the 500 people that live there and get to know some more. Next, head over northeast through a forest to get to Sedona. Sedona attracts thousands of tourists every year and is a beautiful place to lose yourself in. Relax, have some fun, then head north to Flagstaff to complete your road trip.

The fast pace and smooth feel of the AMG c 43 Coupe should allow you to have an even experience regardless of the terrain that you are on. The C43 is a true AMG; a beast on wheels. Reach out to us to find out when you can get your test drive!

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