//Is Autumn a Good Time to Buy or Lease a Mercedes-Benz?

Is Autumn a Good Time to Buy or Lease a Mercedes-Benz?

With the autumn leaves falling or snow on the ground, many people think leasing or buying a vehicle would be the last thing on a consumer’s mind. The autumn and winter is a time when fewer consumers look to lease or buy a vehicle. This is one of the best reasons to look for your first Mercedes-Benz lease during the autumn.

As such, those vehicles that fall under the category of convertibles, sports vehicles, or summertime vehicles, are those that dealerships are eager to move off the lot. Even people looking for family vehicles can opt for a favorable lease or purchase deal during the autumn.

During the autumn, many people are thinking about saving for the upcoming holiday season. Those looking to buy or lease can take advantage of the slow down in traffic by browsing lots with fewer people in line. Or, they can go online and maximize their time. It is the perfect opportunity to test drive a Mercedes. The time spent researching can help tremendously before ever setting foot on a car lot. Research helps narrow down the search of what you hope to find. Knowledge can give you negotiating power as well.

Fishing for the Right Deal

When looking to lease or buy a Mercedes in autumn or winter, there are factors that will naturally work in your favor. The fact remains that a majority of automakers bring out their new lineups during August and September. There is only so much room on a lot and on the showroom floor. True, many buyers like the look and smell of a brand new vehicle. However, there are previous-year models that beg for customers to take them off the lot as well. Since dealerships are in business to move inventory, these are vehicles that should be on your radar as well.

This means that consumers will not have to arm wrestle to get a good deal. Of course, this is not to throw a negative light on dealerships. It just means that consumers have more power to negotiate in the autumn and winter seasons. Keep the following facts in mind.

1. Dealers have to reach certain sales quotas. While you may never know the true inside scoop of your local dealer’s commission structure, they are always concerned with any rewards issued for vehicles sold. This is especially true for dealers with large inventories. Leasing or purchasing your vehicle toward the end of year can increase your chances of getting a good deal.

2. Wait for those sales that are designated “end of year.” Luxury automakers, like Mercedes-Benz, run end of year sales. During the end of year, dealers are set to ship their inventories in favor of new ones. As such, there is always more at stake for them to sell or lease rather than ship them off. Look for that end-of-year or autumn sale at your Mercedes dealer.

It can be a good thing to know when to buy or lease your Mercedes-Benz during the week. As a rule, you should hold off on buying or leasing on weekend evenings. Try during the afternoon, mid-week. However, the perfect time to buy or lease is when you really need to.

Take Advantage of Lonely Dealers

Dealerships, typical ones, depend on foot traffic. It only makes sense that cool or snowy weather keeps a lot of potential customers from venturing out to buy or lease a vehicle. Of course, there are always those customers willing to brave the elements. These are the ones dealers are happy to see walk through the front door.

The truth is most dealers finance a big portion of their inventory. This means they have car payments as well. They would rather take less for a purchase or lease than keep making payments. If you consider yourself to be a sharp negotiator, the autumn or winter is the time to put your skills to the test. Dealers are paying interest on cars sitting on the lot. This makes them even more motivated to put more money into a trade and help customers get into their new car.

Remember That Knowledge Is Power

You live in a time where there has never been so much information available about vehicle pricing, features, and financing options. Therefore, it is possible to learn a great deal about every phase of the buying process. Study up on trade-ins, negotiating, leasing, purchasing, car insurance, and warranties by available online sources.

Make it a point to visit your Mercedes dealership this autumn and test drive to buy or lease your first Mercedes. Test drive for power, handling, and safety. Test drive for the pure joy of driving a timeless, tasteful, and efficient brand. It is true when they say that Mercedes has a history of making history. When you drive a Mercedes, you can also care for the environment without having to compromise vehicle performance.

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