//Van Life Continues to Propel Mercedes Sprinter Sales

Van Life Continues to Propel Mercedes Sprinter Sales

An interesting phenomenon is taking place across America as travelers seek out the best recreational vehicles. Many are finding that they don’t like the styling of traditional RV’s and feel congested in converted cargo vans. Now enters the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, stage left. These large diesel vans are becoming the trendy investment for travelers who want to carry a little slice of home wherever they travel. The vans are spacious enough and lithe enough to make long road trips both comfortable for the passengers and fun for the driver. If most of your time is going to be spent on the roads as you travel to and fro destinations, it makes sense to invest in an industrious smooth-riding vehicle.


People also love the styling of these Mercedes-Benz vans. There are many options for purchasing a van. If you invest in one with plenty of rear windows, it is hard to beat the scenic views and clarity for navigation. Owners resolve the climate control stability issues by investing in radiant window tint. Mercedes-Benz is capturing the trend by releasing RV style MB-Sprinter in Germany. These vans are crossed with HYMER Recreational Vehicle body. In the USA, owners are spending upwards of $100,000 to personalize and renovate their vans into stealthy RV’s.

The vans come in both passenger and cargo van versions. It is now on backorder with an 18-month waiting list in Mercedes-Benz of San Francisco where the #vanlife #sprintervan Instagram MB-Sprinter trend is displaying itself in full force. The vans start at only $41,000. Which is a deal when you consider that these sturdy diesel vans are known to reach 200,000 miles without breaking a sweat.

Reputation of Quality

The same MB-Sprinter with different badges is made by Dodge and Freightliner at lower prices. However, the alternative brands are less popular because they do not carry the Mercedes-Benz reputation for quality. If you are going to invest $100,000 in an elite van, why diminish the perceived value by building on an economy brand platform. This demonstrates the regal branding power of Mercedes-Benz and its luxury-oriented features.


The extent of customization that enthusiasts are investing in their Sprinter vans is amazing to read about. Some owners are adding cedar wood paneling, large flat-screen HDTV consoles, mobile offices, adjustable bedding, custom cabinetry, kitchens, and everything you might expect for a mini home on wheels. It should be noted that the owners are fickle about styling and do not like to use cheap prefabricated RV accessories. Owners take advantage of all the latest 3D CAD technologies to build 3D models of designs as if they were engineering the interior for a private jet. And that is what the trend is developing into for many southern California enthusiasts who want to carry that Bay Area quaintness wherever they travel.

It is unclear if Mercedes-Benz will release versions of the HYMER RV MB-Sprinter vehicle here in the United States if this trend continues to meet a demand in the market. Even though there the enthusiasts may continue to out-build factory interiors by investing more money than is practically feasible for the automaker, there may be an untapped RV segment of the market to capitalize upon. Volkswagen had ventured into the RV market some time ago by building custom RV vehicles with Winnebago. These Winnebago’s had the same great Volkswagen styling integrated with the Winnebago platform to create some really exotic traveling vehicles.

Volkswagen did not capture a huge segment of the market because their engines were typically not large enough to meet the big RV demand. The V6 engines that they used in many RV’s were the same models that were driving small sedans. Using a diesel engine that is loaded with torque and industrious may have a stronger shot at capturing a larger segment of the RV market. The Rialta, Eurovan, and other Winnebago models are still legendary for rebuilders who want to fix them up and live off the grid. It is a nice breath of fresh air to see Mercedes coming into the circuit with vans that promise to make a stronger platform for the investment.

Enthusiasm for Mercedes Sprinters

The enthusiasm for Mercedes Sprinter’s cannot be understated. There are almost 3-million posts on Instagram alone. This would be a ripe entrepreneurial venture for someone to capitalize upon if they are able to custom build the conversions. It is hard to imagine how people make the time to invest in these large projects. It is no wonder why tech sector employees in Silicon Valley are leading the trend. They have the technical planning skills and budgets to make the home away from home possible like no other sector of employees in the country.

The automotive trends are changing rapidly as everyone seeks to demonstrate that they have the latest and greatest set of wheels. The car show competition is reaching new heights. It is nice to see that these enthusiasts are building upon such a reliable platform. Many vehicles today are becoming obsolete as quickly as the computers in Silicon Valley. Returning to the reliability of diesel engineering and using creative skills to build your own interior are really great examples of human innovation and creativity.

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