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Mercedes Benz Safety

Mercedes-Benz is known for a lot of things: luxury, innovation, performance, and prestige. But in addition to looks and style, Mercedes-Benz is also a leader in safety. With a number of safety features that are designed to keep you safe before, during, and after an accident, there is much that a Mercedes has to offer. Whether you’re looking to buy an ultra-safe car or you’re just curious about the safety features that a Mercedes has to offer, here are some Mercedes-Benz safety highlights to be aware of.

Before an Accident Happens

Accidents can happen in a split second, and you can’t always stop them. But luckily, your Mercedes-Benz is surprisingly adept at recognizing and stopping safety-related problems before they start. Your Mercedes-Benz comes with a variety of safety features including the brand’s own signature Presafe System. Using forward-thinking technology, this system can detect when a crash is quickly approaching using a variety of features like skid detection. The accident avoidance system then activates all safety mechanisms in the car, including taking preventative measures like tightening the front seat belts, preparing the head restraints, and even closing the sunroof and windows. These accident-detection measures are designed to keep both the driver and the occupants safe in case a crash appears to be imminent and unavoidable.

Distraction Avoidance

With the wealth of technology available today, it’s easy for even the most cautious drivers to get distracted on the road. But with Mercedes’ technology called the Distronic Plus, you’ll be able to get some protection against distracted driving. This system comes standard on some models and it’s available as an add-on with others. Ultimately, the system contains a series of monitors that help to keep an eye on the surrounding traffic. The sensors act as your eyes and ears on the road by detecting when cars in front, behind, and to the sides of your Mercedes slow down or come to a sudden stop. The distraction avoidance system is linked with the Presafe system, which means that if it detects that an accident is about to happen, it will trigger the Presafe system to start shutting the car down. But if this doesn’t happen soon enough, or if you fail to react, the Distronic Plus system will provide 100% braking capacity to help bring your Mercedes to a complete stop in order to avoid an accident.

Safety on the Road

Mercedes recognizes that its drivers, no matter how attached they are to their Mercedes vehicles, are still human. For that reason, Mercedes includes practical safety responses that are designed to deal with very human situations like getting drowsy behind the wheel. One admirable Mercedes-Benz safety feature is Attention Assist, which is designed to act as your eyes and ears on the road. This innovative system features technology like steering corrections and warning alerts that help to wake you up if the car senses that you’re getting drowsy behind the wheel. In fact, if the system detects driver fatigue it will send out an audible alert that encourages you to stop and take a rest.

Other on-the-road safety features that you’ll find in your Mercedes are blind-spot monitoring and lane-keep assistance. Together, these safety features can play a big role in helping you avoid accidents on the highway. Lane-keep assistance uses a special camera that monitors the road ahead and to the sides of where you are driving. Using real-time information, this system will send out a vibration to the steering wheel to let you know that you’re about to change lanes in an unsafe situation. The blind-spot monitoring feature uses radar to let you know when a vehicle is in your blind spot area. If it detects a vehicle there, it will send out an audible warning to prevent a collision.

Another accident avoidance system that your Mercedes offers is called Adaptive Braking Technology. This system features four independently operated brakes that are capable of adapting to current road situations. This technology includes predictive brake priming sensors that sense when the driver’s foot moves suddenly from the accelerator to the brake. When this happens, the system controls the brakes for a fast stop. The automatic brake drying mechanism is designed specifically for driving in the rain. When the system detects that the brakes are wet, the brake-drying system creates just enough pressure to help dry the brakes off.

Accident Investigation

Even with the most technological safety features on the road, accidents can happen. Therefore, the package of Mercedes-Benz safety technology includes accident investigation, which uses advanced features to gather information about an accident after it strikes. The system is designed to understand what led to an accident. The information is then relayed back to the engineers who use that data to help them build safer and more responsive Mercedes vehicles in the future.

From the first detection of over-steering to getting information about how and when an accident happened, Mercedes-Benz is at the forefront of safety technology. Regardless of which Mercedes vehicle you get, you can rest assured that your car will do whatever it can to avoid an accident and keep you as safe as possible in the event that an accident is unavoidable.

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