//Grand Opening of State-of-the-Art Mercedes Benz Dealership in Flagstaff

Grand Opening of State-of-the-Art Mercedes Benz Dealership in Flagstaff

Grand Opening

The Grand Opening of the state of the art Mercedes Benz dealership in Flagstaff, is taking place on September 21, 2018, and will deservedly celebrate the arrival of a gorgeous state of the art facility housing the only luxury dealership in Flagstaff, Arizona. While guests will have a chance to admire luxury vehicles and rub elbows with distinguished guests, the evening will also be an opportunity for business partners Michael Martin and Trampus Mansker to celebrate the pinnacle of success for two men who have worked their way up the ranks in the automotive industry. Mercedes-Benz of Flagstaff is part of Martin Automotive Group.

Careers From the Ground Up

Opening a luxury brand dealership is a huge accomplishment for two men who grew their personal careers from the ground up. There were no shortcuts for either man who instead applied themselves with dedication to reaching the height of their industry. Despite the fact that Michael Martin’s father owned the first dealership he ever worked at, Martin saw no favors due to the familial tie. Instead, he was passed over for promotions and very much left to create a career of his own. When he finally caught the bug for the automotive industry on his own, he pursued it with a passion. He never forgets his roots as a car salesman, though, and this experience and knowledge helps him lead with both strength and clarity.

Trampus Mansker started his career as a service technician and from there moved up through sales and management. Mansker has a special passion for developing employees and the team so that each dealership under his management is functioning at an optimal level. A belief in happy employees leading to happy customers drives him to know each employee personally and ensure that they are growing and satisfied professionally so that they in turn can offer superior customer service.

Martin Automotive Group is a Stand Out

With only 6% of auto dealerships in the United States being minority owned and of those only 264 rooftops belonging to Black owners,  Martin Automotive Group is all the more impressive. Exceptional work ethic, presence, and commitment are required to not only achieve success in business but also overcome societal disadvantages due to systemic racism. These accomplishments were noted by Black Enterprise when they awarded Martin the 2015 Dealer of the Year Award. Martin continues to do his part in helping other minorities in the automotive industry.

Trampus Mansker Named to Flagstaff’s Twenty Under Forty List

His leadership at Flagstaff Buick GMC led to Trampus Mansker being named to Flagstaff’s Twenty under Forty List in 2017. The dealership was also named the number one Buick dealer in Flagstaff in 2016 under his guidance. Not content to simply rest on his laurels, Mansker has continued to innovate during his time as a general manager introducing a customer relation tool that prioritizes personalized service and seeking to improve his stores in any way he can. He also serves as the Executive Manager of Martin Automotive Group. His dedication has helped to create numerous jobs for Flagstaff residents and is a valuable contribution to the area.

A Special Evening

Mercedes-Benz of Flagstaff’s Grand Opening promises to be a special evening celebrating not only gorgeous luxury vehicles, but also the community of Flagstaff and the work ethic and perseverance of the businessmen who contribute to this fine city.

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