//Amazing Things to Love About the G-Class SUVs

Amazing Things to Love About the G-Class SUVs

If you look at enough paparazzi pictures of celebrities in Hollywood, you are bound to run across pictures of them hopping into their G-Wagens. The Mercedes G-Class SUV has become synonymous with the good life. While this car has become a staple of pop culture, this SUV isn’t just a classy accessory for the rich and famous. There are many great features of the Mercedes G-Class SUV. Here are a few amazing things to love about G-Wagens.

This is One of the Most Solid Cars on the Road

When you are driving an automobile like a G-Wagen down the road, you want to know that you have one of the most solid cars on the road. Even the satisfying sound of the door closing and the locks engaging will make you feel like you are driving a vehicle fit for an Indiana Jones style safari or a military mission. Even if you are just grabbing groceries from the market, you will be able to have the satisfaction of having one of the strongest cars in the parking lot.

It Will be Very Apparent How Much You Have Spent on This Ride

Mercedes has placed a price point on the G-Wagen that they know their customers will pay. If you are willing to drop six figures on a car, this might be the one for you. Whether you are showing up to the golf course or just dropping your kids off at school, you can feel like a local celebrity with this ride. If you aren’t into buying Rolex watches or spending $30,000 on a Chanel bag, a G-Wagen might be a much better and more practical option for you.

There are Plenty of Accessories You Can Attach to the G-Wagen

A simple internet search will show you all of the amazing accessories that you can attach to the G-Wagen. If you were looking for utility lights that will help you off-road during the darkest of nights, there are plenty of those available. How about a luggage rack that will help you carry even the most heavy-duty items back from the hardware store without damaging your car? All of these accessories and more await you once you have purchased your G-Wagen.

You Will be Able to go Explore

If you want a luxury car, you usually have to give up being able to go on even a gravel road. However, with your G-Wagen, you will be able to go on the most rugged off-road trails and visit places you never thought imaginable. You will finally be able to explore all of the parks and trails in your local area that you haven’t had access to in the past.

The Top Speed is Almost Terrifying

With a top speed of 130 MPH, you would almost have to be insane to push your G-Wagen to it’s fullest potential. The incredible rate of acceleration you have in a G-Wagen will also keep your sharp on the road. If you are trying to get somewhere quickly, This SUV will do it for you. You have to be very careful when you are driving your new G-Class. You may find that you are speeding when you are not even meaning to. Learning your limits in your new G-Wagen can be a very fun part of driving this luxury vehicle.

You’d be Surprised at How Well it Really Does Off Road

Most drivers would think that a G-Wagen should only stay on paved roads. However, in many different tests, the G-Wagen performed even better than competitors off road. This car has proven itself for decades both on and off the road.

Anyone Can Drive a G-Wagen

While it may seem like only rappers and celebrities drive G-Wagens, this is not the case. Housewives, lawyers, farmers, athletes, doctors, and family men have all loved this vehicle for many years. You don’t have to be flashy to drive a G-Wagen. Many people from all walks of life have loved this car for many years.

There is a History Behind This Automobile

In the Seventies, the “Grandwagen” was created for both civilian and military use. This vehicle has proven very effective in both fields for many years. There have been 63 armies that have used this car since its release in 1979. There isn’t any chance of the G-Wagen being discontinued in the near future either. NATO is expecting these G-Wagens, per a contract that was signed, to be in production until 2025.

These are just a few of the many amazing things to love about the G-Wagen. If you are thinking of buying this vehicle, you will not be disappointed. The G-Wagen will be a great addition to both your life and your style. Before you know it, you will be driving one of the most stylish and rugged vehicles on the road.

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